About the SAKER group

The Saker group is a strong, dynamically evolving company belonging to one of the most important processors of the non-ferrous metals since 1992. It continually strengthens its position on the market by investments that ensure stable quality growth of the provided services towards a wide spectrum of customers including the domestic processors as well as foreign customers.

Currently, the Saker group operates in the Czech republic and in Slovakia. The main domain of activity of the companies associated in the Saker group is the processing and recycling of non-ferrous metals, their preparation for the metallurgical processing and the metallurgical processing of aluminium.

An important and quickly developing domain is the metallurgical processing of the aluminium scrap in the Alusak foundry. Final products – aluminium alloys – are destined mainly for the electro-technical and automobile industry.

The individual companies are integrated into the strong Saker group especially for the complex satisfaction of requirements of customers. The consolidated turnover of the group reached in 2015 100 million € and the company investments reached 2,5 million €. The entire group now employs 200 employees.


  • 1992

    Company founding

  • 1999

    Moving into a new seat in Kroměříž

  • 1999

    Extending of the production capacities

  • 2000

    Founding of the company SAKER Slovensko

  • 2006

    Founding of the daughter company ALUSAK

  • 2008

    Installation of new production technologies

  • 2014

    Founding of the company SAKER Pečky spol. s r.o.

The company Saker spol. s r.o. was founded by three partners in 1992. It was practically without the initial capital with the lent money from the friends and family, but with technical knowledge and experience and strong enthusiasm and desire for success, in a very short time it managed to build a respected company in the domain of the processing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.


From the beginning the company has been focused not only on the Czech market, but intensively creates and develops the commercial relationships with the foreign partners.

An important milestone was the year 1999 when the company seat moves to Kroměříž. The acquiring of new and larger storage space with a much better transport connection become the basis for intensive development of the company in the recent years.

The company Saker gradually closes its activities in the domain of the ferrous metals and concentrates exclusively on the processing and recycling of the non-ferrous metals and preparation of the material deliveries for the processing in the metallurgy operations.

In 2000 a separate company Saker Slovensko was founded with the seat on its own premises close to Žilina.

An important date in the company history is the year 2006 when the company extended its activities to the production domain. It was decided to build a new operation site and the daughter company Alusak was founded concentrating on the production of aluminium alloys.



The company SAKER spol. s r.o. currently operates in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The company head office and the main processing factory seats in Kroměříž. Here you can find also the daughter company Alusak processing the aluminium alloys.


Other smaller facilities for the processing are located in Pečky u Prahy and in Uničov.

The main processing factory in Slovakia is located in Horný Hričov near Žilina where the head office of this facility has its seat as well. A smaller processing factory has recently been opened in Prešov.

By founding the company Alusak, a strong group was created becoming one of the most important companies in the domain of the processing and recycling of non-ferrous metals and the production of aluminium alloys in the Czech Republic operation in the whole Europe.

Currently, the SAKER group processes and recycles 75 000 tons of non-ferrous metals and in the daughter company ALUSAK it produces 36 000 tons of aluminium alloys.

The SAKER group employs more than 200 employees and the consolidated annual turnover reaches 100 million EUR.






All the companies in the SAKER group are certified according to:

ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016

This standard evaluates the ability of the organisation to fulfil the requirements of the customers, requirements of regulations and the custom requirements defined for the efficient functioning of all the processes and constant improvement of the quality management system.

ČSN EN ISO 14001:2016

This standard evaluates the environment management systems and provides a systematic frame for the environmental protection in reaction to the changing environmental conditions in the balance with the social and economic needs.



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